Campaign Build for Mana Martial Arts

Ever wonder what a strategy session or consultation with me would look like?

What would you ask an expert if you had 30 minutes to get all your social media marketing questions answered?

I’m letting you sit in on a recorded session between me and Mana Martial Arts, an Oklahoma Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, as I build out their video ad campaign.

Even though Mana Martial Arts is a small studio that focuses primarily on teaching children, any locally-based brick-and-mortar businesses or businesses with a child-focused product or service can really benefit from watching this. As you watch, notice the similarities between you and Mana Martial Arts and how you can implement my advice for them into your own Facebook ad strategy.

In this video, I show Mana Martial Arts:

  • How to set up different ad sets
  • What Campaign Objective I would use for their video ad
  • How to target a specific relevant audience for each ad set
  • Where to place the video ads
  • The strategy behind using one of their page posts as an ad
  • The exact steps they need to take to create the ad, from start to finish.

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Questions about what’s included in a strategy session? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer!