How to Use Facebook Group and Page Insights

The other day I shared insights for one of the groups I manage, and a member of that group messaged me asking how I found all the data and insights for my group.

That question inspired me to create this Facebook groups tutorial where I’m going to walk you through how to find your insights for both your Facebook page and Facebook group:

How to Find your Insights for your group page:

Step 1: Go into your Facebook group on your computer

Step 2: Click the Group Insights option on the left hand side of your screen.

This is where all your Facebook group insights live. Group insights are defaulted to the last 28 days, but you can change that by clicking the down arrow if you want to look at a different time frame. Also, you can click on “More Growth Details” at the top for additional information like how many members you currently have, the breakdown of membership requests, pending requests, and your group growth over the period you have selected.

The next tab to the right on the top will provide you  “More Engagement Details”. It will give you details about how engaged your members are inside the group. This means how often are the members liking, comments, reacting, or posting in the group. In this particular group I have more engagement than some groups I’ve seen with 40,000 + members! That’s proof that it’s not always about how many members you can get, but more about how valuable the content is to your group. Keep that in mind if you are thinking of starting a Facebook group.

For the data, you can find how many posts, comments, and reactions there are daily and the percent growth for the month. What’s really neat is the active members data. This tells you how many members are active daily.

Scroll on down and you can see the most popular days and times engagement is happening inside your group! This is the information I shared when a fellow member asked me, “How did you find this information for your group?”

And you know I am a data girl so I use this information in my favor when posting. You can change your day of the week and see what times on any particular day is the most engaging time. So what does this mean? This should be the time that you post! When members in your group are the most engaged and interactive within your group.

For the last group insight, the tab to the right called, “More Member Details”, you can see who are the top contributors for this particular time frame. You as the admin will be excluded automatically. It’s just looking at members of the group.

What kind of valuable information does this data tell you? This tells you who is commenting and posting the most within your group. This would be your warmest audience and who is most likely to buy from you. If you run a group that is educational in nature, this may be someone you turn to in the future and ask to help admin the group with you.

Wondering how you can get all this data from Facebook onto your computer/ You can down download it straight from the Group Insights page by clicking the option on the top left that says, “Download Details”.

How to Find your Facebook Page Insights:

Now I’m going to show you where to find your insights on your Facebook Business Page. Go to your Facebook page. On the top of your facebook page, click on “Insights”. If your Facebook Page lives in Business Manager, you will have to click on the link to view it in there. The dashboard you see is an overview of your data for the last 7 days. That’s the default time frame, however you can change this by clicking the down arrow.

One of the most important tabs in your Insights is the “Posts” tab. It will help provide valuable information about what post to boost or the optimal times for posting.

The “Posts” tab shows you the most popular days and times in the last week for your posts. For the particular page in my example in the video, Friday is the most popular day. The most popular time on Friday is about 3-5pm which is very common among a lot of the pages I run.

Now, why is this information important? If you are wanting to get the most organic engagement on a post, you need to post it when your followers are online and most active. For this page, it would be about 4pm. (Remember, this time is shown in your time zone).

The “Published Post” is another area that I like to focus on because it shows the previous posts made on the page and the engagement for each post. So I can look through here and if I see a post with a lot of engagement going on, I can choose to boost that post because I know that it is a really good post to put money behind. Or I can instead create an ad similar to the post that had great engagement.

I am throwing out the term “boost” lightly as that is never my first recommendation to any client. However, for the purposes of this tutorial, I will use the word “boost” to explain these are the posts that I would set-up as ads in the Power Editor. Simply boosting a post is never the recommended method, but we can talk about that another day.

Bonus Facebook ad hack!!

From within the Posts tab, you can click on Top Posts from Pages You Watch and see what your competitors’ posts look like. Isn’t this genius? This is full-on espionage here…

This tells you how what their engagement looked like over the past week and what posts were most successful. If you see that a post had tons of engagement, you may want to try to recreate a similar post with your own unique twist on it. You can click on their post and see all the data so that you can make informed decisions for your own Facebook page based on your competitors’ posts.

The “People” tab on the left hand side also gives you valuable information about your fans and followers. This information tells you the demographics, such as location, gender, and language of the people interested in your business.

“Actions on Page” tells you what actions took place on your page, such as how many clicks to your website, phone call clicks, get directions clicks, etc.

Facebook is all about making data-driven decisions in order to find success with your online social media strategies. Your page and group insights will give you important information to help you build a social media strategy, including:

  • Who your demographic is
  • When the best day and time is to post
  • Who the most engaged people are in your group
  • What your competitors are posting
  • What posts are popular among your competitors and within your page

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful!

Have you had success making data-driven decisions with your Facebook page or group insights? Share your success stories below!!

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