10 Facebook Audiences You Can Retarget Without the Pixel

If you’re just starting out with Facebook ads, pixels, custom conversions, audiences, funnels, click-through rates, and CPM’s may sound really overwhelming. You may want to find quick success in other strategies that sound more manageable, like retargeting audiences without having to put the pixel on your website.

If you are interested in learning more about what the pixel is and how it works, I encourage you to check out my video, The Power of the Pixel, which lays out how powerful the pixel is in creating not only highly targeted ads, but also in retargeting your warmest audience. If the pixel sounds a little intimidating right now, don’t worry! I’m going to tell you 10 audiences you can retarget without the pixel. Are you ready?

If you go into your Ads Manager, you’re going to see an option for Audiences. Select that option, and then you’re going to see an option for Custom Audiences. This is where all the magic happens!

Here are the 10 audience options you can retarget right now without the pixel:

Option 1: Customer Files

If you have an email CRM like Mailchimp or use Shopify, or have access to your customer email database, you can actually upload your customers’ information straight to Facebook. Facebook will match the emails from your files to the emails of users on Facebook and create a Custom Audience for you to retarget.

Option 2: Engagement

Within the Engagement option is 7 more options if you want to get really granular. But the first one inside the Engagement option is videos. Say, for example, you do live videos (which the Facebook algorithm really favors), you can create a Custom Audience of people who have seen your video and base it on how much time they spent watching your video and how long ago they watched it.

Option 3: Lead Forms

If you did a Lead Ad and got some data from the corresponding Lead Form, you can create a custom retargeting audience using that data. You can also retarget the people that opened your Lead Form but didn’t fill out the form. That’s how granular you can get if you want to nudge people further down your funnel. I highly recommend connecting your Lead Form with an automated email CRM so you can nurture new leads right away. Facebook currently does not offer this type of automation, so if you are going to use Lead Ads in your overall marketing strategy, make sure to have an email CRM tied into them. This may require a 3rd party integration tool like Zapier.

Option 4: Full Scan Experience

If you had a Canvas Ad, you can retarget people who open the Canvas Ad to see the full Canvas. If someone has clicked to open your Canvas Ad, this tells you they are more engaged and interested in your offer than someone who just scrolled by. This would be a great retargeting audience.

Option 5: Facebook Page Engagement

I really love this one because it is so easy and there are about 6 retargeting audiences under this option. What this means is you can retarget people who had any type of interaction with your Facebook page. For example, anyone who sent you a message, saved a link or post, or people who interact with an ad or post. If you have a lot of genuine likes on your Facebook page, this one is really great and can be some of your warmest audience members.

Option 6: Instagram Profile Interaction

This is a fairly new option that showed up in 2017. As most people know, Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp and now we have the luxury of targeting our customers on the Instagram platform as well using the same Power Editor and Ads Manager interface we have become familiar with in Facebook. I am sure WhatsApp is soon to follow.

Just like the name suggests,  you can retarget those who interact with your Instagram profile. Why would you want to do this? For example, if you have a really large following and great engagement on Instagram, you will want to retarget that audience.

Option 7: Events

If you run events through your Facebook business page, you can retarget the audience who said they are interested or going in the last 365 days.  So if you have an event that you do quarterly or even yearly, so long as you can hit that audience up within the dynamic 365 day period, you can retarget those people with a future ad. This is a really powerful strategy when it comes to repeat events!

Option 8: Events, not RSVP’d

Even more powerful, you can retarget those that said they were interested in your event but haven’t RSVP’d giving them that gentle nudge to get further down your funnel.

Option 9: Lookalike audience  

Once you have enough people in what’s called a seed audience, you can create an audience that looks like that seed audience. Let’s say you have an event that 100 people have RSVP’d to. That is your seed audience. You can then take that audience and create a look-alike audience using that seed audience. This creates a custom audience of people with the same interests and attributes as your seed audience to find more people who are likely going to be interested in attending your event. You can do this with your email CRM or customer database files as well. You can actually do this with any of the 8 audience options above so long as you have enough people in your seed audience. So if you want to create a lookalike audience from people who watched at least 75% of your video, so long as you have at least 100 people in that seed audience, you can create a look audience from that. And so on and so forth…I do suggest having a seed audience of at least 500-1,000 people or more before creating a lookalike audience so you have more statistically accurate data to base your lookalike audiences off of.

Option 10: Cold Audience

This audience would be for testing purposes and does not start as a retargeting audience. If you have a product offer in the business space and you are targeting people who like Amy Porterfield and other business leaders in her industry, you can save those test audiences as you build up your campaigns. Then in the future, you can retarget audiences from this saved audience who engage with your ads. I highly suggest checking out Audience Insights for creating highly targeted ad campaigns so you do not have to guess when it comes to creating a cold audience. You can get access to my Audience Insights tutorial in FB Ad School, my premium Facebook experience and implementation work group for DIY business owners and marketers who are serious about finding success with Facebook ads. The replay to that tutorial, and all other live tutorials, is available in there.

I hope this was helpful. I don’t want you to get discouraged. I know the pixel can be a little overwhelming, but once you figure it out and get it on your website, it’s actually all automated. It’s so simple, and if you’re a Shopify store owner, I strongly suggest you get the pixel on your website…like yesterday! It works so well with Facebook and is so so powerful, that it is like leaving money on the table to not have it on there.

If thinking about more advanced Facebook advertising strategies feels overwhelming still, have comfort in the fact that you can set up 10 audiences right now without the pixel.

Have you had success using any of these retargeting audiences without the pixel? Share your success stories below!!

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